Cool Math Games 66

Cool Math Games 66 is a popular online math game designed by Cool Math Games Inc. It allows users to practice their math skills and compete against each other in order to become the best mathematician. The game consists of multiple levels, with increasing difficulty as you progress through them.

Players can choose from four different modes: Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert. Each level requires players to solve mathematical problems within a certain time limit. After completing each level successfully, players are rewarded with points that will help them reach the top of the rankings list and win prizes such as virtual money or special badges.

Additionally, there are several mini-games available which offer additional challenges for players who want to test their skills even further!

Cool Math Games 66 is a unique and fun math game that combines traditional math problems with creative 3D graphics. Players are challenged to solve a variety of equations, while navigating an exciting virtual world filled with puzzles and challenges. This game encourages students to use critical thinking skills in order to progress through the levels, as well as build confidence in their ability to master mathematical concepts.

With its easy-to-understand instructions and visually stimulating environment, Cool Math Games 66 is sure to engage learners of all ages!

Cool Math Games 66


What Games were Removed from Coolmath?

Coolmath used to offer a wide array of online games before it shifted its focus in 2020. In the past, Coolmath hosted classic browser-based flash games such as Mahjongg, Bloxorz, and Cover Orange. Additionally, some of the most popular titles on Coolmath were Fireboy & Watergirl series and Run series.

The website also offered educational math games like Math Man and Math Tower Defense. However, since transitioning to an edutainment platform for K-12 students in 2020, many of these beloved titles have been removed from their catalog. While this was likely done in order to make way for more educational content that is tailored towards younger audiences, it has left many longtime fans of Coolmath disappointed as they can no longer play their favorite titles through the website anymore.

Why Did Cool Math Games Shut Down?

The popular online gaming website Cool Math Games recently announced their decision to shut down the site. This news has left many people wondering why this beloved resource for children and adults alike is no longer available. The simple answer is that the company behind it, Coolmath LLC, had been struggling financially since 2017 and could not sustain itself any longer.

The company cited a decrease in revenue due to an increase in competition from other gaming websites, as well as rising costs associated with maintaining the technology needed to run the games on such a large scale. Additionally, Coolmath LLC was unable to secure enough new funding or partnerships that would have allowed them to keep running their website at its current level of quality. While these factors certainly played a role in the decision, another likely factor may be that there simply wasn’t enough demand anymore for web-based math games given how quickly technology advances nowadays; most kids are more interested in playing video games or being active on social media than solving math problems online.

Despite all of this, we can still remember fondly our days spent trying out different levels of cool math games – they will always have a special place in our hearts!

What was Cool Math Games in 1997?

Cool Math Games first debuted in 1997 as an online interactive gaming platform. The site was designed to provide a fun and educational way for kids to learn math, offering games that provided a challenge while still being engaging and entertaining. With its clever puzzles, challenging levels, and vibrant graphics, Cool Math Games quickly became popular amongst school-age children around the world.

In addition to providing entertainment while teaching math skills, it also helped with problem solving abilities too – something many kids struggled with in more traditional learning environments. Over the years since its launch in 1997, Cool Math Games has grown and developed into one of the biggest names in online game platforms for children of all ages – not just those looking to brush up on their math skills!

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Coolmath Spot the Difference Part 66

Cool Math Games 66 Ez

Cool Math Games 66 Ez is an online interactive math game designed to help students practice and master addition and subtraction skills. With a colorful, easy-to-use interface, the game features simple level designs that gradually increase in difficulty as players progress. Players can also customize their goals by choosing which operations they would like to work on or how many questions they want to answer correctly before moving onto the next level.

This makes Cool Math Games 66 Ez an ideal tool for reinforcing basic math concepts in a fun, engaging way!

Cool Math Games 911

Cool Math Games 911 is an online gaming website that allows children and adults to play a wide range of math-based games. The site provides tutorials, practice quizzes, and interactive activities that help players sharpen their mathematical skills while having fun. With hundreds of different puzzles, activities, arcade games and more to choose from, Cool Math Games 911 is the perfect way for anyone looking to learn or improve their math skills in an enjoyable environment.

Cool Math Games Run 3

Cool Math Games Run 3 is an online game that challenges players to navigate a series of obstacles in space. Players must control a character and help them run, jump, and maneuver their way through a dangerous course filled with gaps, tunnels, and walls. The game features simple graphics and easy-to-understand controls which make it suitable for all ages.

With each level becoming increasingly difficult, Cool Math Games Run 3 will keep you entertained for hours!

Cool Math Games 77

Cool Math Games 77 is an exciting and educational math game for kids. It features over 77 different levels of difficulty with varying themes, from simple arithmetic to complex mathematical equations. Kids can practice their math skills while having fun as they progress through the levels and earn points along the way.

With its easy-to-use interface, Cool Math Games 77 makes it easy for children to learn basic mathematics in a fun and engaging way.


Overall, Cool Math Games 66 offers a fun and educational way to practice math skills. It provides an engaging platform with multiple levels and easy-to-follow instructions that make it appealing for students of all ages. With its wide range of activities, this game is sure to keep kids engaged in learning about mathematics for hours at a time!