The Meaningful Life at Lewis Memorial Christian Village: A Personal Experience

Lewis Memorial Christian Village is a senior living community located in Springfield, Illinois. It provides independent living, assisted living, and memory care services for seniors. The village offers amenities such as 24-hour emergency medical staff on site, an onsite chapel with weekly worship services, a library and computer center with access to the internet, an activities room for socializing and special events as well as a beauty salon/barber shop, and transportation services.

Residents also enjoy meals prepared by professional chefs from local restaurants or grocery stores that are tailored to their individual dietary needs. Additionally, they have access to health screenings through the local hospital system and other healthcare providers within the village itself. All residents receive compassionate care from experienced staff members who make sure all of their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met while fostering independence in each resident’s lifestyle.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village is an award-winning retirement community that offers seniors a safe and comfortable living environment with compassionate care. Located in Springfield, Illinois, the village provides independent living options as well as assisted living and nursing home services for those who need it. Residents benefit from on-site amenities such as a chapel, library, beauty salon/barber shop, fitness center, swimming pool, and activity rooms.

The facility also features 24/7 nurse staffing and an on-site doctor clinic to provide comprehensive medical support for residents of all ages and abilities. With its warm atmosphere and dedication to providing quality senior care services, Lewis Memorial Christian Village is truly a wonderful place to call home!

Lewis Memorial Christian Village


What Services Does Lewis Memorial Christian Village Offer

Lewis Memorial Christian Village offers a variety of services to its residents:

• Assisted Living: Residents receive 24-hour personal care and assistance with activities of daily living.

• Independent Living: Amenities include apartments, transportation, meals, housekeeping, and maintenance services.

• Rehabilitation Services: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology are available onsite for short-term stays following an illness or injury.

• Skilled Nursing Care: Offers private rooms in a secure environment with around-the-clock nursing assistance.

In addition to these services, Lewis Memorial Christian Village also provides spiritual support through its onsite chapel as well as social interaction opportunities such as music therapy classes and weekly outings for its residents.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village Offers a Variety of Senior Living Services, Including Independent And Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care And Rehabilitation, Memory Care, Adult Day Programs, Home Health Care, And Hospice

Lewis Memorial Christian Village offers a variety of senior living services to meet the needs of every resident. These services include:

* Independent and Assisted Living

* Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation

* Memory Care Services

* Adult Day Programs

* Home Health Care & Hospice Support

Residents can choose the level of care that best suits their lifestyle, budget, health condition, and personal preferences. The caring staff is dedicated to providing quality care for each individual in a comfortable and safe environment.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village

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What is the Cost of Living at Lewis Memorial Christian Village

Lewis Memorial Christian Village has a cost of living that is both flexible and affordable.

– One-bedroom apartments start at $1,650/month

– Two-bedroom apartments range from $2,100 to $2,500/month

– Three-bedroom apartments range from $2,850 to 3200/per month

All residents are responsible for their own utilities such as electricity, gas, and water. In addition, there is a one-time non-refundable fee of up to two weeks’ rent upon move-in.

This fee helps cover the cost of repairs and maintenance needed when moving into an apartment.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village

The Cost of Living at Lewis Memorial Christian Village Varies Depending on the Type of Accommodation Required And the Level of Support Needed by Each Individual Resident

The cost of living at Lewis Memorial Christian Village depends on the type of accommodation and level of support required. Factors that influence pricing include:

* Type of room – private, shared, or suite

* Level of care needed – independent living, assisted living, or memory care

* Additional services such as meals, laundry, and transportation.

Residents also have the option to pay for a month-to-month agreement or sign up for an annual contract.

The monthly rate includes basic utilities and amenities.

Please Contact Us for More Information About Pricing Options Available to You Or Your Loved One

If you would like to learn more about pricing options for yourself or a loved one, please contact us. We will be happy to provide further information and answer any questions. Below is an overview of available pricing options:

• Hourly rates – based on the amount of care needed

• Daily rates – provides 24/7 care for elderly or disabled individuals

• Monthly packages – customizable packages tailored to your needs

• Long-term plans – designed for those needing extended long-term care services

Our team has extensive experience in providing quality, affordable healthcare services and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Does Lewis Memorial Christian Village Provide Spiritual Guidance

Lewis Memorial Christian Village provides spiritual guidance through a number of services, including

* Bible studies

* Sunday worship services

* Small group meetings led by pastoral staff and volunteers.

These activities are designed to help residents connect with their faith, grow spiritually, and build relationships with other believers. Additionally, trained chaplains are available for private counseling sessions or to provide emotional support during difficult times.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village – Aerial Tour

Regency Care Springfield, Il

Regency Care Springfield, IL provides high-quality assisted living and memory care services in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Located close to major highways, Regency Care is easily accessible for family members visiting their loved ones. Regency Care offers an array of amenities such as spacious private apartments, delicious meals prepared daily by the on-site chef, engaging activities tailored to each resident’s needs, medication management assistance from nurses and aides available 24/7, physical therapy sessions with licensed professionals as well as beauty salons and transportation services.


Lewis Memorial Christian Village is a wonderful place for seniors who want to live in an environment full of joy and peace. With top-notch amenities, activities, and care plans, it’s no wonder that this retirement community has been so popular with retirees. Residents have access to all the benefits they need while still enjoying the warmth of fellowship and friendship they deserve.

This village provides a safe haven where seniors can spend their golden years surrounded by loving staff members who are dedicated to providing quality services that meet their needs. The Lewis Memorial Christian Village is truly a special place where residents can thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

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