Sudamericano Sub 20 Games

The Sudamericano Sub 20, also known as the South American U-20 Championship or Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20 in Spanish, is an international youth football tournament organized by CONMEBOL for players under the age of 20 in South America. The tournament has been held annually since 1985 and serves as a qualification for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. It features all 10 national teams from CONMEBOL and generally takes place between January and February each year.

Each team plays each other twice in a round robin format with three points awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and none for defeat. The top four teams qualify to the semi-finals where they play in two single elimination matches with extra time if necessary to determine who will reach the final match.

The Sudamericano Sub 20 Games is an exciting event that takes place every two years in South America. It features some of the best young athletes from across the continent, coming together to compete in a wide variety of sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball. This year’s edition promises to be bigger and better than ever before with participants from all over Latin America travelling to take part.

With so much talent on display, this will surely be one tournament not to miss!

Sudamericano Sub 20 Games


Where Can I Watch Sudamericano Sub 20 in Usa?

If you’re a fan of watching youth soccer in the US, then you may be wondering where to find coverage of South American U20 tournament (Sudamericano Sub 20). The good news is that several broadcasters across the country are offering coverage for these thrilling competitions. ESPN3 and Fox Sports 1 are two platforms which will provide live streaming access to all matches from Sudamericano Sub 20.

Additionally, Univision Deportes en Vivo and TyC Sports will also offer Spanish-language broadcasts for those who prefer it. And if you want to watch on-demand games or highlights packages, YouTube TV has got your back! With such extensive coverage available online, there’s no excuse not to get involved in this exciting tournament – so tune in today and don’t miss out on any of the action!

What is Conmebol Sub 20?

The CONMEBOL Sub-20, known as the South American Youth Football Championship, is a biennial international football competition organized by the sport’s governing body in South America, CONMEBOL. The tournament is contested between all ten of the national teams from across the continent and determines which nation will represent South America at the FIFA U-20 World Cup held every two years. Traditionally played over a five week period each summer, beginning in January and ending with a final match held late February or early March;the Sub-20 serves not only as an opportunity for nations to build towards their full national team but also provides some of today’s most talented players with invaluable experience on both club and international levels.

In addition to determining who will compete at future world tournaments, it also helps countries develop their youth programs while giving these young stars much needed playing time against high quality opponents.

Who Won the U20 South American Championship?

The 2019 U20 South American Championship was won by Argentina. After beating Uruguay 2-1 in the final match, the Argentine team claimed their 15th title in this competition, making them the most successful nation ever to participate in it. The tournament took place from February 17 to March 10 and was hosted by Peru.

During that time, ten teams competed for the championship with Brazil coming second after losing 0-2 to Argentina on aggregate during the semifinals. Other participating countries included Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela who all showed great determination throughout the tournament. In addition to taking home their 15th title as champions of this event; Argentina also had two players named as part of FIFA’s Dream Team: goalkeeper Leonardo Balerdi and forward Santiago Sosa.

This win not only secured them a spot at next year’s U20 World Cup but also marked an important milestone for Argentine football at this level of play that will certainly be remembered for many years to come!

Where to Watch Argentina National under 20 Football Team Vs Peru National under 20 Football Team?

If you’re looking to watch the upcoming Argentina national under 20 football team versus Peru national under 20 football team match, then your best bet is to tune into Fox Sports or ESPN. Both networks have exclusive rights to broadcast this matchup and will be airing it live on their respective channels. Depending on where you are located, there may also be regional broadcasts available for those who want to catch all of the action in their local area.

Additionally, if you prefer streaming over traditional television viewing, most major streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube TV offer Fox Sports and ESPN coverage that can be accessed from almost any device with an internet connection. So no matter what your preferred method of watching sports is, there’s likely a way for you to catch this exciting match without missing a moment of the action!


Conmebol Sub 20

The CONMEBOL Sub-20 is the South American Football Confederation’s (CONMEBOL) youth football competition contested by U20 national teams from ten of its members. The tournament was first held in 1985 and has been held biennially since then, with the exception of 2006 when it was moved to an annual basis. Each edition typically lasts between two and three weeks, featuring some of South America’s best young talent as they battle for a place at the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Sudamericano Sub 20 Teams

The Sudamericano Sub 20, or South American U20 Championship is an international football tournament held every two years between national teams from the CONMEBOL confederation. The tournament’s current format consists of 10 teams competing in round-robin style play. The top four nations qualify for the FIFA U-20 World Cup and are joined by a fifth team determined by an intercontinental playoff against a representative of another confederation such as AFC, CAF, OFC or CONCACAF.

Sudamericano Sub 20 Stats

The Sudamericano Sub 20 (U-20 South American Championship) is an international men’s football tournament organized by the CONMEBOL, which consists of 10 South American nations. This event has been held since 1983 and it offers a great opportunity for emerging talent from South America to make their mark on the world stage. Statistics show that Argentina have won the most titles with 14, closely followed by Brazil with 11 titles, Uruguay with 5 and Colombia with 3.

In 2019 Chile were crowned champions after defeating Ecuador in the final match.

Sudamericano Sub 20 Where to Watch

If you’re looking for a way to watch the Sudamericano Sub 20, your best bet is to tune in online. The tournament will be broadcast live on YouTube, with all matches available for free. Additionally, some games may also be available through streaming services such as fuboTV and Sling TV.

So make sure to check those out too if you want to catch all the action!


In conclusion, the Sudamericano Sub 20 Games is a great opportunity for soccer players to showcase their talent and expertise on an international stage. The event has been running since 1985 and is one of the most prestigious youth tournaments in South America. It provides young footballers with a platform to demonstrate their skillset and compete against some of the best teams from all over Latin America.

In addition, it also serves as an opportunity for scouts from top clubs around the world to identify talented players that could potentially join their organization in the future.